Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chinese spiral udate.

I got some superglue to try out with the spiral and just made one with it. It doesn't seem as sturdy as the one I made with craft glue but it looks a lot neater. I think I need to get gel super glue and that it will work the best. Anyway I discovered a new tip to use while making these. If you have a few clips of any kind like clothes pins or a chip bag clips use those to hold your sets of threes and sixes together. That made it go a lot faster because while one was drying I could move onto the next instead of holding it till it dried. My clips only worked for the smaller sets though. Also I took a few more pictures of the process.

This is how you put the ribbon on. The next color goes onto that flat part of the ribbon.   

Use clips and let the fold of the ribbon go in between the top two sticks.
This is the latest spiral. Feels less stable but looks neater. Will see how it looks after a few days outside.

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