Saturday, June 12, 2010

This Is The Afghan That Never Ends..........

I found this afghan kit at the good will one day in February just browsing around. I thought it was pretty and that it would make a great project to play around with. I came to hate this afghan eventually. I started it on February 20th and just finished it thirty minutes before midnight on June 12th. It was maddening. I have never had a project take so long. I have in fact made afghans similar in size to this one in just a few days. The problem with this was the size of the yarn. It was thin two ply yarn. It took me half an hour to finish just one row. I will never make anything this size with yarn this thin ever again. I will make more chevron afghans though because the pattern is so easy but so pretty. Anyway thought I would share my finished project and announce that I am finally free of that thing yay :D


  1. Thin two-ply yarn? Does it smell like animal when wet? I could of sworn mine has a subtle wool smell.

    But you're right. I think we have the same yarn now that I am looking at your pictures. These are the very same colors and your description of it being two-ply makes it seem so.

  2. The label/pattern sheet for the kit says the yarn is 100% DuPont Orlon Acrylic yarn. I didn't notice a smell when I washed it but the pattern sheet says that it is self blocking and can be machine washed with lukewarm water. The Kit was made by Badger Mills at Grafton Wisconsin and there is an address in Chicago for Badger Mills Afghan Kit and Yarn Center on the inside.