Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge #13 Best In Show: Steve the Snake

This week the Iron Craft challenge was "Best In Show" aka pets. Since I had made a bunch of cat toys prior to this challenge I decided I didn't want to make another. I Also couldn't come up with anything to make for The Dog. He is old and doesn't play much and would rather sleep on an old pillow or blanket than a pet bed. I eventually decided that I would make a pet for myself. Yes a completely inanimate and not real pet but one that I've wanted pretty much my whole life, a snake. See The Mom is deathly afraid of snakes so I will never be able to have one. I have always been fascinated by snakes, more than likely her reaction to them is what sparked that fascination after all when you're six being able to make your mom scream like a baby is pretty entertaining. 

I searched through my stash box and found the remnants of a skein of Painted Dessert Red Heart Super Saver yarn and thought it looked very snakish. I then went about searching the interwebs for a snake I could make and I landed on another amigurumi pattern, this one from Lion Brand Yarn. The Sssandy the Snake pattern was relatively easy but hard on the hands because the rounds are so small and tight. I'll not be doing another pattern like this for sixty rounds that is for sure. I also unintentionally made a cat toy because The Cat has fallen in love with Steve the Snake and has been wagging him around the house and leaving him in inappropriate places, like right outside The Mom's door :/


  1. how cute it that! I love how you've let him wander about the yard for his photo shoot!

  2. Thanks I was going for a snake in the grass look.