Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Iron Craft #18 Aprill Showers... Floral Biscornu

This week the Iron Craft challenge was to make something with or inspired by flowers. I decided immediately I was going to make a biscornu this week because I have been wanting to do one for quite a while now. I found a pattern that had flowers on it and I filled it with floral scented potpourri to make it a sachet or just a pretty smelling pin cushion. 

I found the pattern on Own Two Hands as well as basic instructions on how to assemble it. It really is a simple assembly so don't be intimidated if you decide to make one. Just a quick tip though, make sure the pattern you use is filled in correctly. I found several spots on my pattern that were incorrect and I ended up having to make several corrections before finishing my project. I found several really cute patterns I'm going to make to give as gifts and even may design my own patterns for them. I don't even like cross stitching that much but I want to make a bazillion of these things.


  1. I love the pattern, its so pretty. But you are right so often free patterns aren't as correct as they could be

  2. There are butterflies on the other side but they don't fit the theme lol.

  3. I am in love with this biscornu. I've never seen such a lovely and now I want to learn how to cross stitch.

    Just lovely. Well done and inspiring.

  4. Thanks Lolly :D I came across the tutorial at random a few months ago and had never heard of a biscornu till then. Now I love them.