Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Button up: Iron Craft challenge #29.

Ok, I'm gonna do this fast because I've got more packing to do. This week Iron Craft moved to Just Crafty Enough and the challenge this week was to make something with buttons. I didn't take this challenge literally, I decided to make pretend buttons on my project instead. I came up with a quick basic cross stitched button motif then cross stitched it in a grid on two pieces then followed the directions for a biscornu. I think it turned out cute, I might add a magnet backing on it and turn it into a fridge magnet. 

Here is the first one I made for the May Flowers challenge:


  1. Oh it's a pin cushion! I like your cross stitch pattern a lot.

  2. Thanks, once I made my first one for the May Flowers challenge I got hooked on them. This one is a little small to be a good pin cushion though. Most of them are about two to three inches wide.