Tuesday, April 6, 2010

30 seconds stash bust craft: Cat toy

Sunday was Easter. Ya'know what you get at Easter don't you? Well aside from chocolate bunnies with no ears and stale peeps...... mmmmm stale peeps...........! Sorry I got distracted for a second. Anyway you get plastic Easter eggs at Easter, especially if you have, live near or know a kid that went on an egg hunt. My niece gave me a green one. So what do you do with a plastic Easter egg you ask? You stick a jingle bell in it, glue it shut and give it to your cat to play with, that's what you do with it. I used a little dab of E600 on the lip and just shut it on top of the glue. Make sure it is dry before you give it to your cat.


  1. Yeah it probably would. I've been thinking of making a soft rattle for my new great nephew with some scrap yarn, fiberfill and my golf ball cat toy but this might work better.