Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stash bust wind chimes.

There used to be a very annoying set of refrigerator magnets hanging on my fridge. That is before my fridge died, shortly after my stove died. Both have been replaced with lovely new ones. (I named them, Ester is the fridge and Ellis is the stove. Don't ask I can't really explain why I name inanimate objects.)

Anyway, there were two "wind" chime magnets hanging on the old
fridge. I put wind in quotes because there is very rarely a breeze flowing through my kitchen. The way they chimed was when the door would open. First there was a clang clingity clash when it opened then there was a clang clingity clash when it closed.

I am not at all opposed to wind chimes as a lovely tinkling sound in the garden or on the porch on a breezy day. I decided I would cut the chimes off said offensive "wind" chimes to make some pretty wind chimes for the porch to go with Mom's other twelve wind chimes. This is how I did it using only things that were laying around the house or that were in my stash of supplies.

You will need:
Chimes (I have seen a bunch of cheap chimes at the Dollar Tree that look pretty flimsy. You could also get them the same way I did if you have annoying cursed refrigerator magnets. You can also get creative and find other things that could be chimes. I have some bells I'm gonna try next.)

Tiger tail or fishing line

Crimper beads if your using tiger tail

Jump ring

Needle nosed pliers

Assorted beads in colors you like. Make sure one is relatively large because it will be the clanger in the middle of the chimes to make them make noise.

3 lengths of chain about one inch long. I used the chains out of a packet of key ring chains I got at the Dollar Tree but any small chain will work.

1 wine glass charm ring, I also got these at the Dollar Tree. (calling it wgcr in the tutorial.

The round end of a toggle jewelry clasp or a key ring.

A clasp from a key ring to use as the hanger

Ok first up you need to make the lengths of line or tiger tail that the chimes will be on.
Either way you do this the concept is to make a secure loop that the chime will hang from but still be able to move freely. String a crimper bead, if you are using tiger tail, then string the chime. Now you want to secure the loop, if you're using tiger tail crimp the crimper bead down with pliers or a crimper tool. If you're using line tie a good knot. For either string you want to use the beads to cover up the tail you just created. To finish off leave a loop at the end and either crimp it or tie it and feed the tail through the beads to hide it. Do that two more times to have a total of three chimes. I would do more than three the ring might get really crowded that way.

Now you need to make the clanger. First you need to attach a small stopper bead to keep the large clanger bead on the line. It works the same way as adding the chimes except you will pull the line snug against the bead before you fasten it off. Now string your clanger bead and an assortment of beads after it. Make this string long enough to go right between the chimes then add about 1/2 an inch more.

Next you need to string a couple of beads onto your wgcr as spacers then one of the chains then one of the chimes then a few more beads then one of the chains etc until you have all three chains and chimes on and the ring is filled with beads. Using your pliers bend the flat end of the wgcr up and feed that part through the loop end. Then flatten that against itself to secure it. Now you need to use a jump ring to attach them to the toggle ring. You will also hang the clanger from this jump ring but it needs to hang down through the wgcr. Finally attach the clasp to use as a hanger and you are done.

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