Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bloody hand window clings.

Every year the Dollar Tree has bloody hand print window clings that are really awesome. I usually buy them but they fall off of my windows several times before the holiday gets here. This year I wanted something that would stay so I mixed up some modge podge glass paint I learned to make from Gingerbread Snowflakes and made my own bloody hand prints.

You need about two table spoons of modge podge  about 30 drops of food coloring to get a good red. Mix it up well with a skewer or tooth pick, it will look pink.

Now go to the window you want to put the clings on. Dip your hand into the modge podge and get it good and covered. Now put your hand on the window in what ever way you want. You could smear it but it won't look as defined. 

You can also use the mix to put words on your windows. Just dip your finger into the paint and write what you want on the glass.

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