Monday, October 4, 2010

Bloody Welcome Mat

I recently saw a white bath mat with bloody foot prints all over it for eighteen dollars. Seriously its almost twenty bucks for what amounts to a ruined bath mat. After I picked my jaw up off of the floor I decided to do a welcome mat version of this on the cheap. 

I found a good plain ole welcome mat on clearance for $2 at the Dollar General and had some red paint on hand. I talked my husband into helping me because he has skinny feet that I thought would look better but you can easily do this on your own. It is as simple as stepping into a puddle of paint and then stepping onto the mat. 

I recommend doing this inside if its chilly. We did it outside which my husband griped about endlessly because it was freezing and he was barefoot and we had to clean his feet out there as well. You will need to have some way of cleaning your feet handy (lol) otherwise you'll be stuck with painted feet and no way to go anywhere until it dries.


  1. This is CLASSIC! I love it. Thanks for sharing. It's perfect for the upcoming holiday!

  2. Your welcome and thanks for the comment.