Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creepy Cloth

I've seen a lot of this stuff lately and its ridiculously priced. When you think about it that stuff at the store for 6$ a bag is basically just ripped up cheese cloth that has been dyed to look dirty. So I got some cheese cloth at my local Dollar General store and dyed it myself. All you need is some cheese cloth, left over coffee, and a pair of scissors. (A cat assistant is helpful too but not needed.) 

So you start off by opening up the package of cheese cloth. For those who don't know what it is you can find it either in the food gadget area of most stores or sometimes in the craft area. It will come on a roll or wrapped around a piece of cardboard. It kind of looks like medical gauze.

To dye it to make it look dirty you just need to soak it in either tea or coffee. Coffee is my husbands favorite drink so I made a pot for him before he went to work to get the left overs. I opened up the cheese cloth and dunked it down into a bowl of coffee and let it soak for about an hour. Then I took it out and hung it up on the shower curtain rod in my bathroom so it could dry. 

Once it was dry I took it down and unfolded it to its full width (about 3 feet across.) I hung it up in the door way to my library and went after it with a pair of scissors to shred it. I'll be using it as a back drop curtain kind of thing on my porch but you could use this technique to make a ghost, or a mummy or even a costume. My project is finished but you could take this idea and use it as a starting point for many other projects.

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