Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge #15: Peepcakes

This week the challenge at Iron Craft was to make something using peeps. Now I dunno about any of the other crafters but there are several reasons why making a craft out of peeps was not gonna happen in my house. The number one reason was The Man, he is a marshmallow fiend, his favorite snack is those giant roasting marshmallows, there was no way I could keep peeps in the house and him not eat them. The second reason is ants, there is just no way I was going to let a sugar covered marshmallow just sit around my house to attract bugs. After all that you might think I was saying I didn't make anything for Iron Craft this week and you'd be wrong, I baked something for Iron Craft this week. I decapitated twelve bunny peeps and put their bodies inside cupcakes as they were baking then topped them with the heads. I was going for a snowball sort of cake but the marshmallow sort of evaporated and left a candy coating on top of the cake which was pretty cool too. We ate them all so they couldn't have been bad.

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